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Spa & Wellness

At Phi Hotel Alcione there is an exclusive place where you can relax while we tend to your wellness. Benephi SPA offers sauna, turkish bath, whirlpool bath, wellness treatments, massage rooms and relaxation areas with herbal tea rooms.The SPA is conceived as a welcoming place where you can destress through a variety of personalised treatments. Alone or as a couple, rediscover the pleasure of devoting time to yourself and draw on new energy. Benephi is also open to outside guests and promotes sustainable beauty and wellness by using only recyclable material and natural products such as olive oil, bran and poppyseed oil for scrubs, dark chocolate and vegetable oil seed scented with essences. 

Spa Benephi

All’ultimo piano, in un’atmosfera esclusiva e accogliente, l’hotel dispone di una Spa dove i nostri ospiti possono concedersi momenti di relax e cura della persona.Il nostro centro, grazie a uno staff altamente preparato, offre una varietà di trattamenti personalizzati, una vasta scelta di massaggi e rituali per il viso, mani e per la cura del corpo. Il centro benessere propone percorsi benessere multisensoriali tra sauna, docce emozionali, bagno turco, sala relax e sale trattamenti per rigenerarsi in qualunque momento della giornata.

The Paths

The Wellness Circuit treatments include the use of sauna, turkish bath, sensory showers and whirlpool bath.

  • Serenity: wellness and beauty treatment set up for total relaxation
  • Facial Anti-aging Treatmentwellness and  beauty   treatment that aims to restore tone, firmness and hydration to the skin of the face
  • Body Moisturizerwellness and  beauty   treatment that aims to restore the right levels of hydration and nutrition to the skin of the body
  • Body Toner: wellness and  beauty   treatment that aims to restore the tone and firmness of the muscles   Best Seller ★

The Cycles

Session treatments for your wellness.

  • Remise en Forme: session treatment to restore the tone and firmness of the muscles
  • InPHInitely Relax: sessions treatment with localized or total body massage to relive from fatigue and muscle tension

The Essentials

  • Wellness: 90 minutes session with use of sauna, turkish bath, sensory showers and whirlpool bath
  • Full-Body Massage: full body massage to relive the body from stress 
  • Localized Massage: massage on a specific body part to reduce pain or muscle tension
  • Facial Lymphatic drainage massage: massage that targets the nape of the neck, face and decolletage


The Couples treatments include the use of sauna, turkish bath, sensory showers and whirlpool bath.

  • Private Spa: exclusive use of the spa for 120 minutes and relaxing massage with warm oils
  • Spa Relax: exclusive use of the spa for 60 minutes and relaxing massage total body – Best Seller ★

Olive Oil Treatments

  • Anti aging softening/lenitive: body treatment to tone and brighten the skin 
  • Face and Hair: face and anti-frizz treatment for damaged hair
  • Nourishing: massage for treated and tanned skin.
  • Soft Feet: treatment to soften the spots on feet prone to harden

Tasting Spa

The Tasting Spa wellness treatment includes the use of sauna, turkish bath, sensory showers and whirlpool bath.

  • AperiSPA: 60 minutes treatment with aperitif served in the spa
  • ApericenaSPA : 100 minutes treatment with light buffet served in the spa


  • Hand Massage and Manicure / Foot Massage and Pedicure: wellness and massage treatment for hands and feet

Hair Removal

Hair removal done with wax.

  • For Women: legs, bikini line, arms, armpits upper lip, eyebrows, specific area
  • For Men: legs, arms, armpits, chest, micro zone face, eyebrows, specific area